#adventrunning day 13 – post box hunting 2

This is starting to turn into a box-set.


So, the second day of the post-box hunt. I started late as I had to work today, in xmas jumper with music,so still hunting in the dark.While I can listen to Phil Spectre’s xmas stuff, or Wham, Mariah and even Macca indefinitely, I am tiring of Michael Buble so quickly, he turns xmas music into something funereal. Although he does the song that I think of as ‘Dr Who-flying-fish-xmas-song’, which is nice.

Out of the three I targeted I caught two; the remaining box was a funny shape with a nobble on the top so too difficult I guess.

Box no 1:


This addresses the non-traditional shape issues well I feel, with a good variety of snowmen pinned (splatted?) to the cliff-face.


And a jolly trio on the top.

But look at this one! A seascape:


With mouse (is the mouse a theme? there are quite a lot of mice overall). Apologies for the quality of the photos, I keep changing my mind whether to use the flash or not. If I can get a good shot (stay still long enough) they look a lot better without.

Thee miles. Getting to the point in any ‘streak’ (cough) or ‘athon’ type thing where I just love the whole act of running as a feeling, sort of meditative. What I don’t love about winter streaks is the difficulty of getting the endless washing dry and the fact that both pairs of road shoes smell bad.

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