#adventrunning day 14 – mouse hunt


So, a much better result today in daylight; it was actually a gorgeous day here as you will see.

Box one – on the industrial bit below the allotments, was the old sorting office. I nearly didn’t go, because I remember it being a squoblong box; but there was a round box next to it, which was beautiful. Note the fluffy (mohair?) xmas tree and lovely post box.

Next was on Canterbury Road, the main road into the town centre of Herne Bay. And at this point, I begin to realise that a passing comment by the Moorhen-photographer-in-chief (MPIC) about there being several mice in the previous photos, is rather important. You will note a pastel blue mouse with pink nose and very exciting copper whiskers. Also please appreciate the texture on the tree and the composition of the scene. It was round about this one that I realised there was a proper map/trail (that is what happens if you run in the dark without your reading glasses).

The next near grumpy wee Tesco, stars my glove and a very poorly sun-hit photo. But you get the idea, three lovely plump robins on a nest. And a pink mouse…

And up into new territory (this is why the whole thing is so fun, I have never been to this end of town), dangly things! A cheery snowman with a red tree and under the tree: a white mouse with black whiskers.

Next up was a group of jolly penguins, one with a nicely stamped envelope, and yes a white mouse with pink ears and nose.

At the top of the hill there was a pleasingly Dickensian (in the jolly sense) scene:

with carolling penguins around a lovely pompom fire. And a white mouse, with pink nose.

Downhill from here and my first fail of the day: a square box. Into Beltinge (foreign soil!)

and a nice tree scene, traditional Santa and a white mouse with pink nose and possibly waxed cotton whiskers. Back to Herne Bay and the coast next.

A topper with presents, and a pink mouse with pink nose. Continuing towards the coast next I found:

A lovely shepherd gathering with sheep, and tucked behind one shepherd? a grey mouse with a santa hat.

Downhill a bit more towards the town centre and past King’s Hall there is this masterpiece:

A knitted gentleman demanding (and rightly so) some figgy pudding, but what is that under his arm? A little mouse with copper whiskers.

At this point I turned back up Canterbury Road in an attempt (failed ) to bag one I missed earlier in the week.moorhen

I did however find a moorhen in the park on the way home. 5.7 miles.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Fabulous….I’m in love with the shepherds & fat robins.

    Why are there mice? Have I been missing a significant element of the Christmas story for 50 years?



  2. mercyjm says:

    I have no idea. It may be the Russians hacking, but I would have thought they would have gone for something more macho.

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