#adventrunning day 15 – mousehunt 2

I was a bit weary after work, there seemed to be an excess of noise ( an electric chair stuck in reverse but not moving, a lot of perturbed children and so-on), so I went for a quickie.15

I realised I could get two quick wins if I just ran into the town centre and back again so here we have:


The junction of High St and Station Road, a lovely xmas scene. Please note mouse with pink ears but black nose, and a robin (? left) who appears to have enough attitude for the whole town. Also I think a poinsettia on the right.

And at the main post office in town (really the big Co-op), a scene that really needs a panoramic shot (but it was too dark):


A whole herd of reindeer, ‘waiting 4 santa’; note one of them has a little red nose.



And what is holding up the 4? a mouse.


I think it was about 2.4 miles, but well worth 4 times that for the reindeer. I still have eight more to bag.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Pure genius! The knitters should be applauded. Am feeling rather nostalgic now for The Clangers too….


  2. mercyjm says:

    The whole thing is a tour de force, each one amazes me.

  3. zoeforman says:

    Clangers were classic 👹

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