#advent running day 16 -very unclever

I had to work unexpectedly this morning. And I threw an enormous strop at MS Word (technically Word for Mac) which was not working. In an attempt to encourage it to function I tidied up Wee MacPooter (I have Big MacPooter as well). You know what is going to happen. I cleared up the desktop where all my recent photos and images sit. And in doing so I cleared up the calendar, with the wee map-lets. And being in that sort of mood I emptied the trashcan. I also deleted MSWord, (again I have it on Big MacPooter, but still), it was a big strop at a very annoying piece of software.

Despite the fact that everything is saved in the cloud it appears that iCloud is so slavishly tidy it does what I (didn’t) want it to. I will return to defaulting to Google Drive or Dropbox.

For heaven’s sake woman, I can hear you say (or similar), shut up with the IT and get on with the mice, running and Christmas.

Ok, but it won’t be the same.16

You see? Pah. Don’t worry, I will sort it out.Sigh.


Tonight’s run was Over The Other Side of the A2990. Very far away in Greenhill (you are free to rearrange the words into a hymn of your choice). The first one was outside a general store called Archwright’s which may or may not refer to the sitcom. But it is definitely spelled Arch… Nice xmas scene, I like the snowman with the purple hat in particular. And Santa has a touch of the Jack Skellingtons to me. Was there a mouse? Oh yes.grn2

Hiding around the back. And disturbingly for the Moorhen-photographer-in Chief, a mouse with no apparent nose. Or as they would say in a catalogue ‘nose:self-coloured’.


The other Greenhill box (apart from a lonely one with no topper) is a very dangly affair with all sorts of things (snowflakes, no doubt special, precious and individual; stockings and bells) hanging off the side. A nativity, with added participants in the form of reindeer, snowmen, robins, Santa etc. I am not sure if the small white things are snowman eggs or snowballs, or are they the same thing?


And a mouse? Yes a big mouse with (gasp) a white nose!


And running? yes 2.5 miles of running.

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