#adventrunning day 18: bonus windmill issue


Like a glossy Sunday supplement, this run has extras for your delectation. But first the news section.

7.3 miles run in search of toppers, and sad to say I have them all  now,except the one at Wildwood which I am reluctant to pay £11 admission to bag.

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So we have the first two: over the far side of the A299, both with mice one of whom was very hard to find because he was hiding up the Christmas tree.


Also your bonus windmill, which is a rather fine one I think you will agree.

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The final two were back towards the town. The first one looks to me to have been created by someone used to making toys for grandchildren, each character is cuddle-able. And I was mystified about the mouse until I realised it was huge and wearing a pink tutu. The last one, in the town centre was the smallest, and gets over the nobble problem by attaching itself. And was there a mouse? Oh yes, a blue one.

The Sunday supplement should always have a gardening section so I have a chance encounter with some succulent handbags.


So that is it for post box toppers, I am now bereft of purpose. The quest did  however have the effect of increasing both my distance and my speed. I have had some of my favourite runs of this year in the last week. And I have realised that the town is twice as big as I thought, with a black hole just to the north of the A299 which I nearly didn’t get out of today. A new housing estate that only had one way in and one way out. You can see that I explored most of it trying to escape.

Back to the sea tomorrow I think.

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