#adventrunning day 22


So, this evenings run was a bit of shopping (chemist #1, chemist #2, co-op). I went to two chemists not because I needed a lot of drugs but because the lady in the first one looked at me and turned her back and walked away. Had she said ‘Sorry we are closing, sorry I am really busy’ or something similar I wouldn’t have left. But she walked away and didn’t come back. So did I.

But it isn’t all grump and glum here. This is me trying to either type or write a to-do list (headed with ‘go to tip and empty car of 2 months worth of cardboard recycling’) while cat sits happily on wrist. And spotted hiding in the really unattractive environs of the staff bit of the car park, two collared doves having a bit of quiet time snuggling up together.

About 2 miles with a bonkers deviation that was completely invented by Strava.

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