Beyond festivity

So, I ended up having to post a rather truncated version of Christmas eve because I took my tablet rather than my laptop, forgetting that all the advent calendar graphics were on the mac.

Then I ran on Christmas Day, in the far-off land of West Sussex (where MWRLC and PUn-T live),


and where Mr B, Madame C and I spent Christmas and emerged much fatter. It was about 3.5 miles and I nearly died of heat-exhaustion as I only had long pants with me (though I was in a t-shirt).

I then rested for slightly longer than I meant. Because? I am a lazy fat-arsed moorhen. But this morning was so crisply perfect I had to go (once the chill had worn off a bit).

But it turned out the chill was not going to wear off. So here are pictures of frosty shingle, the frosty prom and the seagulls looking a bit shivery. 3 miles or so the first bit was really slow before I remembered that running on frost isn’t dangerous. I do this every year.


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