Final 2016


As the photos I took today refuse to upload from my phone I have used one from this time last year.

A quick 3.4 miles along a very crowded prom. Lots of people out having a quick breath of fresh air before pickling themselves. I am going on a health kick in the new year, no booze at all for January and eating real food rather than junk. Seeing as I am really old now it is probably time that I stopped eating like a sulky teenager.

According to Strava I have run just over half the miles I meant to run in 2016 (599/1000); the link should take you to the summary of my year. The funniest bit is the prominence it gives to my No Cycling photo. The saddest bit is that my longest run in 2016 was 12 miles, how did that happen?

Ah well, I am sure 2017 will be better – Happy New Year All. xx


Edited to add photos:


This is a Purple Sandpiper, or so I think. Admire its camouflage.


This is an Oystercatcher admiring what I think is a pale green frisbee, which has poor camouflage.

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  1. furtheron says:

    We almost headed to your area for a walk on NYE but the lure of shops meant Canterbury won as destination somewhere on the drive down.

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