Starting as I mean to go on

And I am sure you are ready for something along the lines of clean eating, dry January, running more and so-on. Perhaps even recipes? I will put you out of your misery;  yes I am going to try and be more healthy, no you won’t have recipes.

What I mean is that to start the year I have already managed to fall over. Can’t even blame a hangover because I didn’t have one. The usual perfectly flat, level, featureless surface. The usual disinterested audience in the distance. Two holes in my knees, matching two holes in my running tights. And a sore hand. And oddly a rather flashy shoulder roll which I must have internalised watching Graham Norton last night.


As many runners come to realise, the best time to run is immediately after a fall because you are full of adrenaline and pain-killing things ending in -phine. So I pottered on.


4.3 miles. Weather very non-descript. Not really cold. Not really mild. Almost raining but not quite.

2017 is going to be the year of tripping over invisible things. Another one.

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