Evil Chesticoff

I am not dead. I have had an evil, wheezy chesty cough for a while now. Every day I believe it will be better, and every tomorrow it is worse. I am really bored with it now.

I have a nice new job, and potential new running route, scoped out at beginning and end. But I get a pounding heart from 2 flights of stairs because I just can’t drag in enough oxygen. And I then go and cough over my nice sparkly new colleagues. Just when I am trying to convince them I am an upstanding member of society.


And for some reason my photos aren’t uploading to Google automatically, which means I could reach for my phone and encourage it to do so. But it is a long way down (I am on a kitchen stool, the phone is in my bag on the floor). And the photos from my camera are on wee Macpooter, not this machine. And of course iCloud exists in a different space-time continuum depending on which machine you use.

Imagine a picture of Little Venice near Paddington, in the winter sun. It is nice. Or click on the link, it will only transport you to Wikipedia.


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  1. Sophie says:

    If that is any consolation, chesticoff has been with me for the past two weeks as well…
    Not sure if you’ve done it yet, but you should try walking (running?) from Little Venice to Kings X along the canal. There are some really nice houseboats with exotic plants along the way, plus you get to see a bit of the zoo (birds and hyenas) 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    Boo. Feel better soon! Here our weather has had such ridiculous swings (single digits to 68F in the space of a day) that everyone is either sick or just getting over sick all the time.

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