Meditation on hair Mark 2

Some years ago (which shows just how long I have been writing this blog) I posted my first lengthy post about grey hair. TLDR? Reader I grew it out and then started dyeing again.

Now I am massively older (like over 50) I have gone and done it again. And all the wrong way. I was reading this (links to a style blog) and realised that one of my friends who reads this (and doesn’t have an acronym) admonished me at the time because she was wanting me to ‘go first’ so to speak. I still see no sign of grey in her hair!

Anyway. My hair got very very white-grey in the fringe area. And as I am short, it meant that the first thing people were seeing of me was a fraction of racoon/badger stripe. I would have needed to dye every fortnight or use a root-spray to hide it. Which I just could not be arsed to do, or afford. Dye is quite expensive at that frequency.

So I decided to switch to semi-permanent dye about 2 years ago. Which made no difference at all. It doesn’t ‘fade’, it just acts like permanent dye on my hair. So I gradually went lighter until I was on Dark Blonde (from Dark Brown). In a foolish moment, the evening before a meeting (in good daylight around a table) I tried bronde paint on bleach. Which turned into Trump-shade chunks. It says a fair amount for the people I had the meeting with that none of them commented. Immediately turned back into dark blonde (which is really mild mouse) once I got back home.

I backed off the experimenting after that for about 9 months or so. Then just got fed up and stopped dyeing it a couple of weeks before my 50th birthday last May. I also used a dye-stripper at some point in the summer (can’t remember when) which stripped the dark out of the blonde and cleaned up some of the murk below. Over the summer I have just cut it shorter and shorter (sorry hairdressers, I cut it myself too). And it is now something like a pixie-cut but undercut as well. And I have about 2-4cm of very light blonde ends.

I have to say that when I started I didn’t mean to have short grey hair (well white-grey at the front and mouse-grey at the back) but it is alright. And perhaps I am more ok with being invisible? I don’t know. I do realise that I am pretty much invisible (in the sense used in my original post), but perhaps the rest of me has caught up with my hair?

If you feel that I might be less concerned with my appearance, fear not. I am typing this wearing stick-on nails because I got so pissed off with my own ones looking dire. They go through phases of just splitting like filo pastry. And I have been wearing a lot more make-up than usual, largely as a result of working stacking cosmetics for over a year. It is hard to work in a shop without buying the products you merchandise.

Yes, I know. Still not running. Might be feeling a smidge better though.


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