First steps in the great metropolis.

As I managed a run without dying yesterday, I thought I would try for the commute today. So as not to get too stressed about possible ‘getting lost’ episodes I thought it would be easier to run back in the evening than out in the morning. Considerably warmer too.

My colleagues, just beginning to realise what they have taken on, asked me if the canal I was planning to run down in the dark was lit. No idea. Did I have a head torch? Yes, at home. I had lots of blinkies with me, so that cyclists wouldn’t run me over.

So, yes it is dark and some of it is not lit at all. But the city is quite light overall so I only had a couple of dark moments in tunnels. It was quite quiet which I wasn’t expecting, but it seemed safe for most of the journey. The only bit I wasn’t overly keen on was Camden Lock which was full of a lot of blokes drinking and smoking weed, which was moderately intimidating to run through. And I did score my first twattish bloke of the year there.

The rest of it was genuinely interesting, and sadly difficult to photograph in the dark. So you have the aviary at London Zoo (which you would be able to see contains many sacred ibis and two black kites if it were daylight); two or three tunnels were lit with this blue light which fluoresced the graffiti and it looked amazing; and the gasometer garden near St Pancras which has a proper name that I can’t remember, but looks really cool. Finally my feet as I sat on the floor of the train home. Good old rail transport, I didn’t manage to hold onto that space for long, trust me. About 4.3 miles, but I suspect it would be closer to 4 once I took out some of the faffing. Still managed to catch the normal train home, so it is about the same time as the tube and a bit of shopping.

Oh and I have the little app for my phone that tells me that it is safer to run by the canal in terms of air quality.



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  1. zoeforman says:

    Love canal running and in London you see another side of the city

  2. Penny hobson-underwood says:

    The photo of the blue lit tunnel is spectacular, and it all looks like quite an adventure. You could get one of those minicams people put on their heads (while skiing, surfing and such). So just a minute – you now have a job in London?

    1. mercyjm says:

      I do, I am working at a consumer magazine for gardeners, which is currently near Paddington. The best train from home gets into St Pancras and the canal runs (roughly) between the two.

  3. Kate says:

    I so wish I could run- or (better) bike-commute for part of my trip to work. Our mass transportation is negligible, and maybe there’s a way I could figure it out, but it’s easier to just wish I could than to look into it.

  4. furtheron says:

    With you regarding the air quality. I have a shorter walk, essentially just straight along the Euston Road from St Pancras to Euston. However that is one of the most polluted roads in Britain. So I walk through Somerstown most mornings/evenings as treks to and from campus cannot avoid having to cross the A501.

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