And in the morning..

So thrilled was I by last night, I decided to do the reverse trip in the morning.  The photos are obviously (?) a lot worse because it is daylight. I suspect the problem was that it was before sunrise, and below freezing, and the photographer was breathing huge gusts of steam out. So in reverse order we have:

A cormorant (or Norman to his mates) fishing on the one of the only bits that were fully unfrozen. I only saw it because I noticed the bubbles moving on the surface while it was diving. It flew off indignantly when it realised I was violating its right to be forgotten.


Not sure about the narrative, but definitely Amy.


Building works near Camden.


And a metropolitan moorhen. Quite uncommon, most of the Rallidae on the canal appear to be coots. Coots have truly awesome feet.



Verdict? I wouldn’t want to do it much later in the morning (I started at 7.40ish, having got an earlier train), because I think it would get very busy with cyclists which would remove some of the fun. Not sure how busy it will be in the summer. But a lovely route and unpolluted by too much in the way of exhaust fumes (though smoke from the canal boat stoves is another matter). I need to understand the locker room etiquette at work (there is a whole changing room, like a in gym, with lockers).

For the evening I would find a route that avoids Camden. Oddly the bit that was most spooky and quiet in the dark, was the incredibly expensive looking private bit on the edge of the park, before the zoo. Which is (PUn-T correct me if I am wrong?) near where the US ambassador lives. So I guess it is probably ok.

Not quite up to doing there and back in a day as I still have the cough. It seemed to be neutral in terms of running, but way too fond of me to depart as yet.  I also haven’t run with a pack for a while. My smallest Deuter is the best I have tried, but it is still a shock to the system…

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  1. Sophie says:

    The Amy is by an artist called Icarus who has done some crazy things over London. Here’s his description: Two ginger Angels flying Amy Winehouse away to the secret entrance of Heaven. Saint Peter is either pointing to the bitten apple and whiskey bottle and saying “your not allowed in” or he is pointing to the devil and saying “quick get her to safety”. The different meanings should hopefully be more obvious when you see the piece with the reflection.
    I hate Camden Lock. Always felt like torture when I had friends from abroad staying over who really, really wanted to go there 😮

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