Waiting for Doris Day

It was the high point of my afternoon (nearly, it has been a slow day) when I discovered that tomorrow, when Storm Doris (links to BBC video, so may not be available in US) arrives, has been christened Doris Day.

So I went out (working from home, waiting for things to be delivered, yaaaaaaaaawn) to see if she was showing any calamitousness yet.

Behind you! This is facing east-ish but the colours were too good to ignore.

As Doris is approaching from the south west, as normal, the sea here is very quiet. It takes a north or east wind to ruffle it properly, but it was blusterous and still quite mild. Too mild to be in long tights, and a rain jacket.

There were quite a few oyster catchers out, doing their thing.


And I felt oddly compelled to submit an art project today. It must be the weather perhaps or working in the great metropolis has made me all pretentious. But I have collected especially for you: shades of blue found on Hampton Beach Huts  (Feb 2017) and one sneaky view. Eat your heart out Tracey. I think they are beautiful.

Oops, yes running. Feeling better still.

Screenshot 2017-02-22 19.03.58.png



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