Doubling up

Little bit late posting this, was surprised by my desire to run on Friday.


So I basically did this twice, which is more or less 3 miles. Dodging my fellow commuters, the traffic, and street furniture makes this almost as interesting as a trail run from the point of muscle activation (in my opinion).

From a smell/horticultural perspective, this time of year is interesting. The scent goes: car, car, car, fags, Daphne, car, car, Daphne, Sarcococca, car, car. And in the evening it is similar but leavened with burger. If you are not sure what a Daphne (bholua) or Sarcococca smells like, rush to your nearest large public garden and sniff, you will find it. Or ask in a garden centre. If I can smell these on the worst polluted road in central London, think how good they will be in your garden.

Still have the tight chest, still have the sore-ish throat. Assuming it is nothing to do with me.


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  1. furtheron says:

    Seriously you ran along the Euston Road!?!!? I hate even walking it and duck round Sommerstown if I can to avoid the crush – also the pollution. I can feel my eyes now are scratchy and irritated and I only just walked across it a few minutes ago.

  2. Penny hobson-underwood says:

    Fascinating Smell Tour. Love it. Both my sister and I are very aware of smells – a well developed sense, clearly in the genes. You couldn’t have pneumonia could you?? Long time for a tight chest. Unless it’s pollution.

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