I feel a bit lost, Strava has crashed.

And my new sdcard was rejected randomly by my phone on the way home, so I couldn’t continue reading the book I was reading on the way in.

And the episodes of Parks and Rec I thought I had downloaded on Amazon hadn’t actually downloaded.

And I felt bad about the lady I sat next to, who had to endure 10 minutes of profusely sweaty runner before I cooled down. I only just made it onto the train, so there was no opportunity for a cooling walk. I went from running in chilly conditions to doing nothing on a full train, and my body decided it had to dump a lot of heat production.

And it is taking me a very very long time to upload photos.

Not wanting to wander into the cliche of whose world these problems belong to, but my day could have been worse. 🙂

Double commute today and yesterday, feeling a fraction better every day despite the pollution. Which has apparently been low this week.

Interesting things found so far: (in words because I can’t upload, the internet is clearly broken).

The Post Office Tower, which used to have a revolving restaurant at the top, where I had lunch when I was about 7.


A mahonia flower, smells lovely. Very cheery in the depths of not-really-spring-yet.


Underpass sign with self-portrait in the mirror.


Another underpass sign, which I keep meaning to Google because I don’t know why.


Pattern on outside of Edgware Road tube station. Ditto.


There, that has made you use your imagination, hasn’t it? I will fill in the pictures once everything starts working again. Assuming that this isn’t the beginning of the End. If it I have a LOT of cat litter and walnuts. I’ll be fine.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Penny hobson-underwood says:

    You do paint pictures with words. I’ll look up mahonia flower

  2. Parks and Recreation – made me weep with laughter frequently. I miss Ron Swanson….


  3. furtheron says:

    Never liked the idea of a revolving restaurant – with my balance/vertigo issues that would send me off on one no doubt.

  4. zoeforman says:

    First world 🌎 running problems !
    At least you got to see some sights you may have missed if tech’ed up

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