The route is now stuck in my head. With odd cues like the Queen’s Head and Artichoke (a fine name for a pub), feet from Euston to St Pancras (there is a walking route, signposted with green feet posters), and a road that smells like heaven (Drummond Street I think, lots of food) I am coping without getting lost.

As long as I don’t go too much further into the park I can stay focused on the train I need to catch (to get home to feed Baldrick). If I go too close to the lake I get caught up with the birds and mesmerised.

Photos today are: fountain thing in Paddington Basin. I found a cormorant fishing this afternoon in the actual basin; poor thing was trying to be covert, so I didn’t want embarrass it by papping it.

A picture on the wall above  a bin which was too arresting to run past (one lady is well-known, the Afghan girl from National Geographic, I think one is Malala Yousafzai, but I have to confess ignorance from there on). And a good sunrise at home, heading for the station this morning.

I have to go now, there is some form of catastrophic cat sulk occurring and I am not Paying Attention.

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  1. furtheron says:

    The curry houses in Drummond Street are good at lunchtime – all you can eat buffet for under £7. My son and I use it some Wednesdays.

    Good route. btw there is an alleyway opposite the Somerstown Coffee House in Charlton Street that then cuts up Doric Street and brings you out near the steps up to the Euston Station concourse… just if you want to ever vary up that part of the route

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