An educational post about birds

Today, being Thursday, is rail day.





The rail family ( or Rallidae ) are beloved of me and Margaret Atwood.

Exhibit A – the moorhen.


Exhibit B- the Coot (showing the Leafy Sea Dragon feet)


Exhibits A & B shown together to emphasise difference in size:


Rails are pretty well spread over the world, often known as swamp hens they all look pretty similar having long legs, big feet and strong beaks.  Todays have been papped in Paddington basin and Regent’s Park; but to offer a more cosmopolitan feel to the blog I have some shots of New Zealand rails as well.

Exhibit C: the Takahe


You will note the similarity in colouring with the moorhen, but a very much stronger beak. Sadly the Takahe is a rare bird, and in Kent is found only feeding on small china frogs and Ledebouria socialis.

Exhibit D: the Pukeko


Much lighter and faster than the Takahe, the Pukeko is common in New Zealand and not interested in china frogs, but very popular on teatowels, cards and key rings. Unscrupulous hunters have been known to turn them into handbags (l) ,fridge magnets (c), or small metal friends (r).

Running? oh yes, sorry.

One of these yesterday:Screenshot 2017-03-16 20.28.08

And one of these today:Screenshot 2017-03-16 20.28.20

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