Seaside and laziness


I have had a few days off and have been lazy. So you can have one run and some other stuff.


So yesterday I went to Margate and actually managed to be there when the Turner was open and had something on. It was something I was quite interested in (as anyone who has suffered my crochet-madness emails years ago will agree) anyway, but was quite emotionally engaging as well. Horse Hair Column by Christiane Lohr was my favourite; so delicate I almost walked into it but quite arresting.


And I went for a wander on the beach, bringing home an unfeasibly large chunk of driftwood, but leaving behind the above, beautiful sea creature.

People tend to say ‘ooh Margate, it’s up and coming isn’t it?’ and I say, well yes but it needs a bit of money. Too much of it is achingly lovely and trashed at the same time. Like the Lido.

other margate.jpg

So what else have I been doing? I have been adjudicating in a complex cat territory discussion. Exhibit A on the left is not my cat, but thinks he should live here. The photo on the right shows Baldrick at the back and Copycat (my name) in the very hip collar in the foreground. He is a bit of a tart as you can tell. There is another black and white cat who visits called Duplicat (still my name), but the soap opera that is my back garden is a whole other story.

I went for a run (gasp) just to check if my legs would fall off. Which they nearly did. This is Reculver (or Regulbium if you are Roman) a nice place to run, look for sand martins (not in) and cormorants (busy fishing).



And deliciously eroded brick work.


more erosion

hbfrom reculver

If you look really closely at the photo you will see a black dot about halfway along the horizon, that is the outer end of Herne Bay pier. The shadow behind it is probably Sheppey.

And caterpillars. We have a lot of them at the moment, I think they are hawthorn or cotoneaster webbing caterpillars,


Screenshot 2017-04-21 19.12.03.png

And looking at the Strava map has reminded me that I unintentionally wound up a few nesting birds (where the blue blob is). I saw three egrets, two fancy black and white ducks, a truly manic redshank, a lot of very argumentative oystercatchers, some covert mallards and a bundle of crows looking very suspicious.


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  1. furtheron says:

    Last time I wandered about in Cliftonville (when I went to see Bellowhead at the Winter Garden) my overriding feeling was – where’s this up and coming Margate then? That end needs a lot of TLC to return it to anything like it’s former glory

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