Coasting and Parking


I don’t know if anyone else does this but I always find that London Marathon Day is the easiest day to motivate myself to go for a run. I sit snugly in front of the tv coverage feeling sincerely delighted that I am not limping past Canary Wharf for the fourth time; and then, filled with glee pop out for a run.

On Sunday, I popped out for a run from Margate because it seemed like a good idea. For some reason I remembered the distance from Margate to home as 10 miles. It isn’t. It is 13 miles. It was therefore a hurty run, but pretty.


Looking back to Margate from er Westgate? ish.

er birchington

Looking west from not Margate to Westgate?ish.


Lovely looking lido in St Mildred’s Bay.


Fulmars, snogging not spitting in Epple Bay.

bird list

Nice bird list.

random view

One of the reasons I like Herne Bay, you just get views like this happening.

I managed 12.4 miles I think, I bottled out at Tesco and bought chocolate and walked home.


On Wednesday I finally managed to go for a club run with my new club in London (Serpentine). And just how awful was I? I shudder to recall.

Firstly there is no record, my Garmin was showing 1% battery (for hours, very suspicious). I tried to Strava on my phone, but it didn’t fancy it.

I opted for the 21/2 parks run. I have no idea why as my legs were still leaden from Sunday.

Within about 20 minutes of starting and finding at least four people who I really wanted to spend more time with, my stomach (which has been odd all year) decided it was going to bloat so much that it took over most of the territory in my abdomen that my lungs fondly believe belongs to them. So I spent the rest of the run going ever more slowly because my lungs and bloat were having successive skirmishes. With occasional pausing while I wondered if something more serious and potentially catastrophic was going to happen. Luckily I met a very interesting and kind lady who ran-walked with me, and we talked about stuff.

No embarrassing disasters occurred. It’s ok, you don’t have to read a graphic and messy intestinal post. However I have learned that there are lots of toilets in the parks, should your mission prove impossible. But they all cost money, so change must be taken.

So as to partially atone for this I ran part of the route this afternoon, taking the train home from Victoria rather than St Pancras. It was really lovely, despite my stomach doing a repeat performance. The splits demonstrate my level of comfort. Though sadly I had switched off my Garmin for my final and triumphant sprint to catch the train.Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 21.39.20.png

Really enjoyed it, but left phone at home charging for the second time this week so no photos.

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