Plodersham to Plod Bay, via Plodstable


I got the train to Faversham to run back (I had measured the distance this time). And Faversham was full of dogs. And a market for dog stuff. Turns out it was Doggy Day.

pirate ship

Escaping the dogs, I then found a beached pirate ship in the creek. You can’t see from the photo but it was flying a very ragged Jolly Roger at the back (er aft?). Not very cleverly marooned though as they were next to the outfall from the sewage plant.


Tide was out.

beach hut

A rather more unusual beach hut in Whitstable (the bohemian end).


And some lovely Crambe maritima. It flowers for such a short time.

Whinge: I felt tired the whole time, gave up the concept of running after 10 miles and decided to walk home the last 2.3 miles. Which was too annoying so I ran/walked instead.

Screenshot 2017-04-30 13.42.53

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  1. furtheron says:

    Thanks for Crambe maritima – my daughter was moaning about the smell of it when we were up the Bohemian end the other week on a walk before Fish n Chips.

    My Mum’s old friend had a beach hut up that end many years ago – my son was a toddler so 25 at least. Peter Cushing was an occasional visitor – he’d drop in for a tea. Funny on my desk right in front of me is a mug with my name on it bought in a charity shop in Whitstable High Street which my Mum saw and kept at the hut for me if I dropped by as I did on Friday afternoons sometimes. She rescued it when the hut was sold and then I took it for work when Mum passed away. So still a link to that old little hut in my heart

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