I gave myself (or rather, accidentally had) a few days off because I was feeling a bit blah.

Yesterday I went for a pootle along the seafront.

It took so long for the sun to come out, but once it did it was really warm.

Then this morning I got back to commuting. In my absence the pocket floating park at Paddington has grown a bit, and the coot nests have proliferated a bit more in the park.

I was pleased when one of my colleagues correctly identified that a stapler named ‘Stapler’ could only belong to me. It was an inherently and essentially me thing to do when confronted with a small label saying ‘Name’.

And I have cutting-edge information about why the herons in Regent’s Park are so attitudinous. There is a man who feeds them spam out of a can. I wish I had had the nerve to take a picture of it, but the scene so stunned me I was a few metres past before I had processed it.

But if they have spam, they may not eat chicks.

My Garmin is refusing to sync with my phone, I think I have done 6 miles today…

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