Lovely London

I was born in London (the old Charing Cross Hospital, not the current one); but never felt the pull of the city in my twenties, as you are supposed to. But now, working in the capital almost by accident, I have realised quite how much fun it is.

And by that, I mean fun on my terms. So full of birds and plants and interesting stuff.

I was still weary on Thursday so bottled the run into work. I took a long lunch and the tube over to Vincent Square to look at a very small but interesting exhibit in the RHS Lindley Library.  Basically, art students designing pots for houseplants. It was great.


My photos really won’t convey the three-dimensional, tactile nature of the pots, but will give you a flavour (if you want to go, you have to go next week, it finishes on the 19th May). But if you are near Victoria St and want  20 minutes of pleasure for nowt, I suggest you go.

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And then, not content with having just the one adventure I ran home (well, St Pancras) along the canal for the first time in ages. So I can give you this sorry tale.

In the soon-to-be-redeveloped Snowdon Aviary at London Zoo (accessible again, for nowt, via the canal) there are two black kites and a rabble of other birds, mainly sacred ibis. I love kites a lot. So I always stop to commiserate with their boredom, and presumably irritation at living with the smelly ibis. So below 2 kites 1 ibis.


I was there for 3 minutes perhaps 5, and the ibis slowly flew up and surrounded the kites…sur

Very scary for a huge bird of prey. Yes, the ibis may have been roosting (at the very top of the aviary when the sun was not setting), but to me it looked like intimidation.


But back to pastoral happiness. I took this picture while there was an utter cacophony of sirens above. The tranquility of the canal, going through the middle of London is quite amazing.


Nice helpful map on the side of a boat in Little Venice.


And a very rough screenshot of work to St Pancras/Kings Cross with the canal, park and zoo included.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 18.21.44

The other thing (there are a lot of other things, I have forgotten most of them) is that London smells amazing at the moment because there is so much jasmine in flower. This was Lisson Grove moorings, but there are a lot of pubs and gardens and boats with jasmine too.  Or wisteria. Inhaling can be good 🙂




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Penny hobson-underwood says:

    I have been following your posts but haven’t made the time to reply. I LOVE your photography (have a look at “miksam” photography on google – or something like that – “good eye photography” as well). And your commentary – so very observant and fresh. Both my sister and I regularly take photos of flowers, views, whatever we come across during walks that grabs us – so there is a familar feel to this!!!

  2. Penny hobson-underwood says:

    Forgot to mention – we are also both very olfactory – as in commenting continuously on smells – mostly gorgeous ones – but a well developed sense in the family

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