Dramatis personae

Or Who Lives in the Garden?

(Running? yes 4.4 miles, slow. 1 piece of driftwood, a nice pebble)

Mr B (Baldrick for long): plump in just the right way, blind, loves dairy products and water, ex-RSPCA. My cat. Also the photo shows most of the garden.


Copycat (my name): frequent visitor, really wants to be friends with everyone. Very chill, invites himself into the house. Has the best selection of collars ever, rarely seen in the same one twice.


Duplicat: Very aloof. I suspect Duplicat to be a lady. Likes the top of the shed, because it heats up nicely in the sun. Not overly active.


Tabbytha: Very busy, always hunting. Hence the blurry photo. I spent last spring trying to stop her catching birds. Don’t see her so much this year, so I suspect she is a bit older and has less to prove. I have no reason to think she is female other than that she is busy and hunts a lot.


Noir: new this year. I think Noir is a tom cat, and is the reason my back gate smells bad. I also think he is in the wrong county and is really looking for Tom Cox. He looks like his ears have been nibbled by vine weevils.



The lovey-dovey collared doves.

I am shocked I don’t have a photo of them, because they are here every day. They have mastered the art of balancing the bird feeder between them. They are never seen alone.

Sparrows: (photos from last year) We have a lot of urban birds here. Loads of sparrows


Loads of starlings:


Two wood pigeons, sadly no photos. A rock dove (known as a pigeon in London).

And I hope some frogs, though after the great lawnmower tragedy of 2016 I don’t know. We will see.


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