Not running, but.

I wanted to go into Whitstable today to do some research for selling stuff.

It was a lovely day, so I walked. Now I have walked into Whitstable several times, and done the return journey too. I have run there and back more times than I can be arsed to look up.

I wore a pair of sandals I have worn all through one day, and walked more than 4 miles in, recently.

So why am I corralled on the sofa with humuge blisters on the bottom of both my feet? Who knows. But thank the creator of Sudocrem for luxurious relief from pain.

I have to report that the Family Bernard are not the Family Bernard. They are the family Newfie.

20170611_144636 (1).jpg

And this is the smallest lady in the family. I really wanted to take her home. I didn’t realise that they swim and rescue (lots) of people, and apparently like cats. So this post is by way of correction, I promise to never accuse them of being brandy-carrying mountain dog wimps again. This is their website.


Anyway. 10 miles-ish 20214 steps walked. The last ones were very gingerly limped. I may bottle out of doing anything tomorrow. But Claud (my bike) returns from the Dr tomorrow.


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