Herne Bay 10k



Too hot. And I am too out of shape. And. and. and.

I met a lot of nice people though. I have actually been running recently, mildly hampered by my phone, watch and various intermediary apps not communicating with each other properly. But while I like the heat, I really don’t run well over about 25c. I was gushing sweat before we started, and I wasn’t in the minority for once.

I went through the whole hot/cold/goose-pimples/spinny thing; along with most of the other people I spoke to.

But against my expectations, I finished the race (there was a nasty mile or so when I was about 5 minutes from home, which was a struggle) and felt ok afterwards, just a bit peckish.

The good thing is, I have what I suspect is an official PW (personal worst) for a 10k (my PB appears to be 54:23 from Feb 2009 according to Fetch) of 70:32; though this is unconfirmed as the results haven’t appeared yet. There is no point in suggesting I am getting slower as I get older, my marathon PB was 2015, faster than the original in 2003. I am just getting fatter and lazier. 🙂

But do you like my moth? I think it is a privet hawkmoth.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. tim upson says:

    Yes – might be a poplar hawk moth. Did Mr B find it?

  2. mercyjm says:

    No, it is out of his reach luckily. I nearly tidied it away thinking it was a dead leaf. Just stopped in time….

  3. Kate says:

    I don’t count any hot races towards a PW. For me, just finishing a race in the heat is a win.

  4. mercyjm says:

    phew. I went and ran part of the course today, just to prove I could. I suspect my ‘hot’ is a bit feeble compared to your hot though….

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