It’s been a while


I really haven’t been certain about continuing here. Partly because I have a lot of different outlets for the various parts of me* (see footnotes), and partly because a lot of my blogging buddies are scaling back, and I feel the reduction is probably justified.

There are so many platforms on which to perform, and as a newly self-employed person, so many that I need to improve my ability on. This blog is the oldest by several years, and was started to prevent my friends calling the police to search for my dead body (mostly), in the very strong likelihood that I didn’t answer the phone.

But. It is difficult to walk away from something that has so much history. And I need to have a whinge. What else are blogs for?

My running for the last two months has been a battle between my desire to train (which is actually quite strong), my tiredness (for which insert favoured reason <here>currently the womanopause or periwomanopause is favourite) and my CBA**.

So I am back to offer  you a smidgin of the things you expect.

  1. a whinge about running and health (my heart rate is too high, I am tired, it is too hot, I am sweating the equivalent of the English Channel in 20 minutes). I had to walk from the start to get my heart rate down below 124, WTF?
  2. Some birds – my beloved turnstones have returned from Oop North, first sighting today.20170801_172744
  3. A fancy view – from the sandy cliffs near Reculver- the clouds were moody all day, but only in a decorative way.
  4. Some local culture: This is a thing for the BayFest and is made of shoes found on the beach (of which there are a lot). My photos of the shoes were crap, it does look quite jolly in real life and is a good project.
  5. A cat picture. Poor Mr B died of starvation just near his bowl. He does this quite regularly and I am wondering if I should ask the local Am Dram people if they need a murder victim? He is very good at it until he hears anything rattling.
  6. 20170801_162937

*. I am working as a self-employed gardener – I am really nice, very well-qualified and insured
Also, if you have read my red kite soap opera, that is now on Patreon which is a way to sponsor various creative endeavours for small amounts of money.
Also, also if you like airplants the Etsy shop is open, and I am going to sell some plants (bigger ones) at craft shows in the Herne Bay area in the next few months.

**CBA the abbreviation for those who CBA to type Can’t Be Arsed. A joke I will never tire of.

If you are a local amateur dramatic society looking to hire Baldrick, please refer to me as his agent in the first instance. Anything agreed with him in person is subject to my confirmation (i.e. he is not accepting payment in Dreamies).

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    I’ve had the worst time getting anything written these days. Plenty happening, I just feel like I’ve already written it and nothing feels fresh. :-/

    Your cat is hilarious!

  2. I enjoy your blog Mercy. Thank you. Good luck with your gardening venture.

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