Aha moment.

I remembered about two and a half weeks ago why blogging is so popular.

It gives me, the writer, a chance to whinge and moan to my heart’s delight about minor niggles and quibbles that might otherwise go unrecorded. I can also imagine (as long as I don’t look at my stats) that the world attends to the minutiae of my scuffs and scrapes and weeps and wails with me. Thank you world.

I see that the bloggers I love are still blogging occasionally (Superkate, Jill Homer, Zoe) though Sloth lady has been very quiet recently. They are all very alive on Strava – that is where the party is. If you have asthma, or think you might, check out Zoe’s blog, she has done the best post about learning to deal with it, and considering she does iron-distance triathlon, she really means deal. If you may have a thyroid issue, try Jill. We are all getting on a bit.

So what on earth have I been doing?

Life-wise I have set up a gardening business, which might bring in enough cash to allow me to live soon, it is at that teetery point where I am not quite equalling my outgoings yet. I am really enjoying it though. I have spent years not being a ‘local’ person, in that I have always worked miles away from where I have lived. And I am now working, advertising and spending in my neighbourhood. I tend to feel connection to landscape rather than locality, but I am beginning to feel connected to both.

And the running? (this is a running blog, yes?). So I had a work-related injury! yes me! I am 160cm (5ft 3ish) and this is not optimum when using a recoil start for a mower or other petrol-engined device. It took me a while to work out what I had done, because I just had a twingey hip, so I went for a run to ‘ease it out’. And it didn’t. When I realised later that I couldn’t lift my left leg, I looked it up and it turned out to be a hip flexor thing. So I didn’t run for 3 weeks. (eeek). I struggled with driving for a bit (clutch pedal), and digging (I am a left-footed digger). Luckily I am not a can-can dancer.

So I tried it out today and managed a good 2.5 miles before I felt it nagging, at which point I walked. There is nothing that concentrates the mind so much as realising you need your body to earn money. It is interesting comparing how my body reacts now at 51 with how it worked last time I gardened as a job (41). I am still as strong, and my stamina could be comparable once I get used to the work again. But the results are different. I remember the first time I ever hand-weeded for a whole morning, my hands were creaking the next day. I must have some immunity to that now, but as a counterpoint I now have arthritis (thanks, mother) in my hands that affects me in unpredictable ways. Some days it hurts like the cold and I can’t wear rings. Some days it doesn’t; throw a dice. I used to be able to dig for a morning and my muscles would ache, if I try now my bones ache – rotator cuff in my shoulder, elbow joint, wrist etc.

And ( and and) because I haven’t been running, my right knee is grumpy (decorating injury from er…2011?).  It likes regular running to keep it oiled.

Is that enough moaning? I think so. I am actually very happy 🙂



2 Comments Add yours

  1. zoeforman says:

    Blogging is the best forum for sharing our highs & lows of life, in sickness & in health, richer for poorer – just like one big family

    I’m sure there are occasions we disagree with our blogging family but I’ve seen nothing but support and inspiration

    Thanks for the mention – keep blogging & running.

  2. Kate says:

    Man, I’m trying to keep it up. I miss it, but time is in short supply.

    Exciting to have your own business! I can totally identify with you not having been very local. I went to high school 30 minutes from my home town, and now I work 40 minutes from my home town and do most of my playing 45-60 minutes away. While I’m one of relatively few people who actually grew up where I live, I sure don’t know many people there!

    I hope the hip flexor clears up so the right knee can be happy again. 🙂

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