Another try

One-handed typing due to cat requiring something to rest his chin on.

To recap. I was sort of going to stop blogging unless I raced, but I am currently too skint to race.

I then decided I could blog to whinge, but found that actually, not running was better for my hip flexor (possibly) than running, writing & whinging.

But obviously a storm with a name means I have to shift my arse outside. Though it was  a complete non-storm here. We are doubly in the lee of storms from the south-west, the coast here being north-facing and semi-estuarine anyway.

Last run I felt ok-ish for 2.5 miles I think, then decided it was twinging and walked. Today I felt great, lots of energy, but still a bit hippy (it is annoying, moves from groinish to low back and to just over the sticky-out bit of my hip when I sit down). I have been doing this because it is quite focused on the areas I struggle with. It is reducing the discomfort overnight, definitely. But the test will be tomorrow. I felt very hippy after the last run. So we will see.

But I can drive without discomfort, lift my left leg and draw the whole alphabet (balance exercise) without falling over, and dig. So yaay.20171021_161924.jpg

And this is A/W2017 in Hampton/Herne Bay. Yarn-bombing is over, painted stone placing is now.



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