Hip much better, laziness still intact


Well, not sure if it is really laziness. But I will save the lengthy discussion for some other time.

I have run past this hole in the breakwater well over 100 times, and it was only today I thought that it would be a good photo. What sort of brain do I have? 3 miles in some sort of geological age.

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  1. furtheron says:

    Great picture. Remember that beach well from our old holidays. We kids would be sent there if Mum and Dad wanted us out of the bungalow for a few minutes whilst they sorted out whatever. Then they’d come find us there and off we’d go. Have memories of sitting in the family room in that pub with a lemonade and packet of crisps and then just on the hill you could catch the old open top bus to Reculver. They don’t make it like the 60s anymore…

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