Finally, December can commence

I hit a SAD plateau last Monday. I had exhausted all the fun I could squeeze out of winter without some help. So I went slumpy. I had a chesty cold so couldn’t restart my restarted running. All my gardening customers had been frightened by my manic keenness to keep on keeping on (one lady referred to me as a dose of salts, I had been pruning…). I had done my craft fair selling for the time (one more in Whitstable on the 17th if you’re local).

The post-box toppers hadn’t appeared, there was very little yarn bombing left on the pier; and the world was a bit grey.

So there was I slumping all week.

I marshalled at Parkrun on Sat, which was ‘invigorating’ at about 0c with windchill. But very rewarding as always. I have been for a couple of runs this week, nice sunsets of course.

And then it snowed this morning!!! So of course I had to go for a run before the children made a mess of it, or before it melted. And it was chilly (we have snow on the beach because Herne Bay is really estuarine from the Thames and Swale, the sea doesn’t start till about Margate).


Curlew below on left.


MMm. Autofocus doesn’t work in heavy snow. They are brent geese.


And then feeling that I had squeezed a massive 5.3 miles of fun out of the snow (and my really unsuitable head gear) I came home and faffed around.

Went out to the Co-op and my wishes came true.

The reason for December (other than Christmas pudding from Harvey’s Brewery in East Sussex):



This is the one about 10 metres from my front door. And what a beauty.

And a lovely white mouse. Of course.20171210_162439.jpg

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