Starting from scratch.

My running over the last year has not been consistent, effective, painless or regular.


There have been many reasons: work, commuting, weather (pff), various injuries, lack of commitment, lack of money, lack of gumption. So I have decided to start again from scratch. Part of my current reason for not running* is that I tried to land on the upper side of my foot, instead of the lower about three weeks ago. Now this side of the foot is not blessed with all the accoutrements required for weight-bearing; it isn’t perpendicularish to the rest of the body, it isn’t covered in a rufty-tufty layer of slipper, it has the ankle (and therefore the human being) in the wrong place.

What was I doing? Getting up off the sofa, from which I had sat too long, upon my foot, with a hefty cat-boy on my lap. I didn’t realise that my ankle was asleep, as well as my foot; and that it therefore was not participating in positioning my foot. Much, much swearing was done.

Then I went through ‘what-if-I-can’t-walk/what-if-I-can’t-drive’ for half an hour. Then I had to go out (driving) to meet some friends for an activity that involved walking. I thought it was great, till I got up in the night to go to the loo and couldn’t put my weight on it. Long story short, I iced a lot and was kind to it (only putting weight on it for 2-3 hours a day for the first week). And I have got away with it. But while I can walk, it isn’t massively comfortable. So I thought I would start running, to see if it was really bad.


As I have a tendency to go too far or not at all with these things, and in the light of my abysmal running performance for 2017; I decided to do C25k as a way to build strength, stamina and confidence. I am pretty confident that it is nothing worse than tendon strain and bruising, and it is nearly 3 weeks post injury.

First day today: about 2 miles following instructions from the app. (RunDouble).

 The runs this week start with a 5 minute warm-up walk. This is followed by 8 repetitions of 60sec running, and 90sec brisk walking. Finally, finish with a gentle 5min cool-down walk.

Uncomfortable on the foot, but consistently so. It hurt the same at the beginning and the end. I iced afterwards.


*Not running-preventers but I feel I need to highlight that I have a scratch down the side of my face where the cat-boy fell on my head while trying to balance along the bed-head. And a cut lip where I smacked myself in the face with the car door. I am hoping I have stopped now.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    You need a bubble suit! Good luck with the re-start!

  2. furtheron says:

    Good luck with the reboot

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