Little things

Some days are really a bit teeth-grindy for reasons that cannot be reasoned with.

Today I should have done at least two of my several jobs; and couldn’t because of #snowmaggedon. I did make an effort but scared myself silly by getting halfway up the motorway and panicking at the first sign of loss of control.I hate anything that makes driving more stressy than it already is.Gardening is a bit of a no-go under snow.  And I have got less willing to risk limb and car for work over the last few years. So I returned home and did some of the third job (;)), and then went for a run.

And I was convinced by that point that nothing would cheer me up. I had spent 20 minutes on the phone to the bank explaining that there would be no cash entering my account this week, due to the aforementioned #; and then found it difficult to tear myself away from the very nice young Scottish man (he was very helpful, and quite kind about the snow, considering the usual combative Scot/Eng winter thing).

I am in the second week of C25K (which I see as Cat-on-sofa to 5k) and it feels good, finally. Not saying that my foot doesn’t hurt after, but it is massively less hurty. And going out was just so fun! There were loads of families out sledging on the slopes down to the seafront. Not just groups of kids, but mostly whole families playing outside together. It was really good to see.

And yes, that is the shape of a cat considering the snow. He did go all the way to the end of the garden, and was utterly not bothered by the whole thing. Just disorientated because he usually finds his way around by texture, noise and smell. And all of these were ‘off’.

2.4 miles!


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  1. Kate says:

    I love the way snow looks but hate hate driving in it. Happy you’re working your way up and feeling OK!

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