Spelled correctly the first go (buffs fingernails proudly).

There aren’t enough English words to describe the biting east wind. Or at least, there aren’t any that I know, having been brought up in the snuggly counties of Sussex and Surrey, where the east wind is not a thing.

I went for a pootle the ‘other way’ along the sea-front, as I had to go and pick up my mad pills (a.d’s); and my was that wind biting. ‘My’ was not the word I said. It was a much more anglo-saxon word. And I realised that all my non-anglo-saxon wind words were just sounds, that hadn’t made the transition to onomatopoeia; they had just remained as sounds because I grew up in the wrong part of the country. If any east-coast people know good words for the scouring feeling on your skin that the east wind creates, please let me know.

You can actually see flurries of snow flying towards you in the air quite a long way away; like you can with hail. I haven’t really noticed this before, perhaps it is having more sky available due to the sea? Anyway 2.4 miles (including a what felt like hours in the pharmacy with lots of people who were actually unwell, unlike me, I was just slightly sweaty). This is the second time in the last 8 years that I have wondered whether I should get yaktrax for my trainers. Perhaps if it gets up to three times before 2020, I might consider it more carefully.


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  1. furtheron says:

    Welcome to north kent. We had about 2ft up the downs. Nowhere as bad as 87 but worst in 20years definitely. I was born in October 62. On boxing day that year the east wind blew and snow fell…. the wind didn’t change until march so the snow stayed. My mother always talked about it. She had me and my older brother was seriously ill with measles then meningitis.

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