Postbox toppers extravaganza.

Left with not many days, but a lot of postboxes I had to get my arse in gear.

In order of finding:

Missing, presumed nicked.

A Christmas tree scene (no cats or mice)

Some chirpy looking snowpersons.

A tasty, traditional dinner. I especially love the sprouts.

Is this the Grinch? I haven’t seen film or book. He is lovely anyway.

Don’t understand this one, a ventriloquist with Santa dummy?

Gingerbread house

Iffy photo of all the reindeer (they have been in the town centre for 10 days, in a lot of rain, which may be why they look a little drunk).

Again, I’m not sure, small spherical people in wizard hats celebrate xmas. Some kids tv/game I have missed?

Awesome seagull.

Santa with mean ‘tache and a postbox. Took my life in my hands with this one, which was outside Wetherspoons where the smokers are. I kept my music turned up.

Nice gingerbread man.

The above were done yesterday..

..the 23rd, so there is another instalment due from today.

There are mice.

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