Winter blues and January exercising..

Anyone who has attempted to follow through one of my endless Janathon, Juneathon, Advent Running challenges in the past few years will doubtless sigh in a jaded fashion when they see I am doing Red January for Mind.

Which is why I have given myself several options: running, biking, swimming annnnnd planking. Planking is for icy-snow days when the other options are potentially leg-breaking, for lurgy days and for god-I-hate-the-dark-days.

You can sponsor me here, join in, or just follow along on Strava.

I will try and update here every day, but there may be a bit of a time lag.

Why I am doing it is clearly obvious for regular blog followers (there is a whole page on me being a saddo for those who are unfamiliar). I have been relatively open about my issues for a few years, I am lucky in that I have options about what I can do and who I can tell. I am able to get outside to walk, run, bike and look for moorhens.

Not everyone is in a position to talk about it, ask for help or just get out in the fresh air. Mental health problems eat your ability to do things: live, talk, share, go outside, make decisions, breathe. Sometimes people need a lot of help just to keep them breathing.

If you need some help look on the Mind website.

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