About a moorhen

Moorhen Scampers was formerly Scampering Moorhen on Blogger. It is a running blog that occasionally gets distracted with other things, such as cycling, plants and cats. I run slowly (10 11 miles per min, depending on stuff), prefer distance to making lots of effort over a short period of time. My running would be better if I trained regularly, if I did the right training, and if I ate real food.
I used to run mainly in Asics shoes, but am gradually moving over to Inov8 with a slightly lower heel to toe drop; in 2014 I started wearing Brooks PureConnect road shoes, which are fantastic. I also have some PureGrit trail shoes, which are lovely unless it has rained in the previous month. Inov-8 Parkclaw now. I have moved from Garmins to using a Polar RCX5 and then back to a Garmin Vivoactive Garmin 735 with a crack in the face, and a blob where the pixels have started to die. I have downsized my bike collection from 3 to 1, due to self-induced poverty: a Claud Butler Sajitta mountain bike, called Claud; who weighs a ton, has no suspension, but is much loved. Gudrun, a Giant OCR was added in 2020. She comes from Bournemouth.

I work as a horticulturist in Kent, and faff around on the internet with many different plant-based things.

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